Newark's Gilded Age

Newark’s evolution into an manufacturing and transportation hub during the 19th century facilitated economic growth for many, including the Ballantine family, Scottish immigrants who sought a brighter future in America. The Ballantines ended up becoming the wealthiest family in Newark and, at the time, the 4th largest brewers in the United States. While the Ballantine beer brand is no longer available, the family mansion continues to stand as a reminder of the American Dream.

The Ballantine House is the only remaining 19th-century, Victorian mansion on Washington Street in downtown Newark. The 27-room home was built in 1885 by architect George Edward Harney for John and Jeannette Ballantine and was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1985. Ever since, the historic house has been part of the Newark Museum. Opulent interior decorative art as well as period furnishings allow visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves into the hight of the Gilded Age.

In desperate need of stabilization, maintenance, and repair, a comprehensive condition assessment of the interior architectural features and decorative art provided the foundation for an extensive period-accurate restoration that included woodwork, plasterwork, wallcoverings, lighting, and decorative metal, stone, and ceramic tile.

The Ballantine House reopened November 2023. Be sure to make it one of your next destinations to visit.