Look Up: Revival of the Durham Museum Art Deco Ceilings

The old Omaha Union Station was designed Gilbert Stanley Underwood, one of the finest architects in the classic art-deco style. It opened its doors on January 15, 1931 and quickly became one of the busiest train stations in the nation. After providing maintenance treatments at The Durham Museum since 2011, our restoration team had the opportunity to return to Omaha, Nebraska to support the restoration efforts of The Durham Museum. Over several months, our craftspeople completed plaster repairs, repainted decorative finishes, and restored decorative elements that had deteriorated due to poor previous repairs.

Omaha’s Union Station was designated a National Historic Landmark in 2016. Its ornate art deco ceilings are an important part of that designation. From detail orientation to craftmanship and their vast knowledge of historic techniques, we couldn’t be more grateful for EverGreene’s expertise in restoring this architectural gem!”
Dawn Myron, Director of Communications of The Durham Museum

The decorative treatments of the Suzanne and Walter Scott Great Hall now match the original finishes, showcased through a combination of gilding, polychroming, hand painting, and transparent color glazing. The restoration also involved plaster restoration of the ceiling and window returns in the West End Corridor.

“Working at The Durham Museum was a once-in-a-lifetime experience—such a significant example of Art Deco in a truly grand space. Executing the restoration in stages while the space was open to the public required making sure everything was perfect before transitioning to the next section of the scaffold. There’s zero room for mistakes as the scaffold comes down behind you. However, because of this approach, we were able to share our continuous progress with the public.” Marc Sova, EverGreene Foreman, comments on his experience restoring the decorative finishes at the Omaha Union Station.