EverGreene On The West Coast

On Saturday, March 21st, EverGreene participated in the Western Chapter/Association for Preservation Technology (WC/APT) meeting in Sacramento. Alongside Page + Turnbull, EverGreene guided APT members through the Sacramento Valley Station, currently under renovation. Conservator Kumiko Hisano spoke to members about EverGreene’s forthcoming conservation of the early 20th century mural, Breaking Ground at Sacramento, January 8, 1863 for Transcontinental Railroad. The mural, installed in the Sacramento Valley Station in the late 1920’s, was painted by California native John A. MacQuarrie, known for his work in Southern Pacific terminals and Houston’s Grand Central Station.

Over the years, the mural has been exposed to cigarette smoke and post-historic paint drips, distorting the colors and overall composition of the artwork. Breaking Ground, will benefit greatly from a surface cleaning, consolidation and inpainting. Conservators will use an aqueous solution to remove the nicotine and other pollutants and inpaint areas of loss, returning the inherent beauty to the historic artwork.