2 Broadway MTA Mosaic

New York, NY

The values of the 2 Broadway MTA mosaics are intrinsically linked not only to the status of the artists, but the uniqueness of the pieces. Glass mosaics in cement is a signature approach shared by Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner. Created merely three years after Pollock’s sudden death in 1956, weaving both Pollock’s and her own essences and motifs, the significance of 2 Broadway mosaics goes beyond its historic and artistic values.

EverGreene Architectural Arts was contracted by Western Specialty Contractors (WSC) to perform the condition assessment, conservation treatment and partial restoration of 2 large-scale mosaic art pieces designed by Lee Krasner and Ronald Stein located at 2 Broadway, New York City. Phase 1 focused on documenting existing conditions as a baseline for future treatment and repair for the 2 Broadway Mosaics. Supplementary treatment recommendations are provided based on our findings from the assessment and drawing on our experience with mosaic conservation cleaning and repairs.