2 Broadway MTA Mosaic

New York, NY

The mosaics at 2 Broadway, designed by Lee Krasner and Ronald Stein, are not just artworks but historical artifacts that embody the essence of two prominent artists. EverGreene Architectural Arts, under contract with Western Specialty Contractors, undertook the assessment and recommendation of treatment for these significant pieces. The goal was not only to allow for the preservation of the artistic integrity of the mosaics but also to honor the legacies of Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner, whose unique approaches are evident in the signature glass mosaic technique.

EverGreene’s involvement in the project began with a detailed condition assessment of the two large-scale mosaic pieces. Our team documented the existing conditions of the pieces, noting any and all signs of wear or damage. This process was carried out in order to establish a baseline for future treatments and repairs. The initial phase was crucial for understanding the extent of deterioration and devising appropriate conservation strategies. Phase two of the project consisted of the compilation of information from the assessment, which was then used to create supplementary treatment recommendations – which drew from our experience with mosaic conservation, cleaning, and repairs.

These recommendations and investigations provided were crafted with the intent to allow for future conservation and maintenance of the artworks. All information was compiled into a report to be used in the event of maintenance or repair.