Conservation treatments extend the existence of cultural property, historic objects, buildings, and works of art. Typical treatment objectives include the removal of material that is harmful or visually inappropriate and slowing ongoing deterioration through protective measures. These measures minimize ongoing aging and deterioration while maintaining its full integrity and are 100% reversible.

Each treatment plan is designed to preserve the original artistic or aesthetic intent, as conveyed by the materials used to create them. Our treatment plans may include preliminary measures to protect and stabilize the building or object. After careful evaluation and an assessment of options, an appropriate level of intervention is determined. Distinctive materials, including stone, decorative metals, architectural features, finishes, and elements of characteristic craftsmanship are always preserved. In cases where the level of deterioration requires repair or limited replacement, non-original materials are closely matched to the composition, design, color, and texture of the original. Chemical or physical treatments are as gentle as possible to achieve desired results and protect the historic material and they are often 100% reversible.

We apply the highest standards to our conservation, restoration, and preservation work. Every treatment plan is a custom solution, tailored to the specific needs of the project and the client.