Ad Astra Sculpture—Private

NASM, Washington, D.C.

“Ad Astra” (Latin for to the stars) is a public abstract artwork, located on the Jefferson Drive entrance and in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum. The work, by Richard Lippold, is approximately 114 ft of stainless steel and has stood facing the National Mall in Washington, DC since 1976.

EverGreene Conservators oversaw the dismantling and temporary storage of the sculpture in preparation for the expansion and restoration of the National Air and Space Museum.  Our conservators studied original documentation, documented the conditions of the sculpture, made recommendations to the client, and then planned and executed the removal of the sculpture in a manner intended to have minimal impact on the ongoing renovations. They took care to protect “Ad Astra’s” polished and patinated finish during removal and then facilitated its reinstallation once work at the site was complete.