Alameda Theatre & Cineplex

Alameda, CA

Designed by the prominent San Francisco architect Timothy L. Pflueger, the Alameda Theater was a grand Art Deco attraction featuring sculptured wall reliefs, elaborate light fixtures, intricate metalwork, and gilt-framed mir­rors. Alameda Theatre & Cineplex operated continuously as a cinema until 1979, though it underwent a number of changes to its interior finishes during that time. Redecorating campaigns resulted in the overpainting of authentic leaf finishes and the installation of acoustic treatments over painted surfaces along with mural conservation and restoration of historic painted curtains.

EverGreene conservators performed an extensive finishes investigation and microscopic analysis to identify original patterns and colors at various locations in the theater.

Our team of conservators repainted the lobby ceiling—plaster floral designs in silver and gold leaf — to match the 1932 design and palette. The mezzanine mural was restored using original paint colors and gilded materials. Conservationists referred to historic black and white photographs before opening exposure windows to reveal the original design.