Belding Theater

Bushnell Performing Arts Center, Hartford, CT

The Belding Theater is part of The Bushnell Performing Arts Center located in Hartford, Connecticut. This 906-seat theater is a state-of-the-art space designed by Wilson Butler Lodge and opened in 2002. The ceiling mural, painted by EverGreene artists, provides a modern interpretation of the hall’s original sun, moon, and stars motifs.

Comet tails and stars stream across the centerpiece of the 70 x 80 foot mural on the domed ceiling of the Belding theater. EverGreene artists engaged in a highly collaborative process with the architects and designers, developing unusual painting techniques and a color palette for mottled metallics, pulsating stars, and deep blue space. The intriguing gold rays are our contemporary version of three-dimensional metallic effects popular in the Art Deco period. A custom mixture was combed into a pattern, gilded, and gently distressed to reveal the underlying color, which created a patinated effect.