Bexar County Courthouse

San Antonio, TX

Both a Texas Historic Landmark and National Historic Landmark, the Bexar County Courthouse is an architectural gem. Designed and constructed by distinguished architect James Riely Gordon in the 1890s, the courthouse exemplifies the Romanesque Revival style. The building maintains its Texan roots with its use of granite, sandstone, and colorful roof tiles.

In June 2014, EverGreene conducted a historic finishes investigation and documentation of the painted finishes of the crown molding in the courtroom. Our conservators ‘ investigation and analysis informed the palette. In order to restore the ornamental plaster in the courtroom, our designers created new capitals based on the originals, in a style reminiscent of classical architecture and typical of 19th century styles. The new plaster ornament was fabricated in the New York EverGreene studio and installed on site in the courthouse. Craftsmen implemented BASWAphon acoustic plaster in the coffered ceiling and traditional three-coat flat plaster on the walls. Decorative artists applied the historically sympathetic palette to restored finishes, returning the double-height courtroom back to its 1897 splendor.