Bromm Gallery Haring Mural

New York, NY

The Hal Bromm Gallery at 90 West Broadway in New York City opened its doors in 1977 with the intent of showcasing contemporary artists. Between November 21 and December 24, 1981 the gallery hosted a exhibition showing the burgeoning work of Keith Haring. In preparation for the show, Haring had turned one of the gallery window frames into a work of art by embellishing it with his signature style using Magic Marker. The window was subsequently painted over several times and the space had been retrofitted so that the window was bifurcated by the addition of a mezzanine or loft space.

EverGreene was retained by The Hal Bromm Gallery to perform a limited paint investigation and cursory testing on the former Keith Haring window frame. The goal of this initial investigation was to confirm the presence of the original artwork, and to determine the feasibility of exposure and conservation. Using historical photographs, a location for an exposure was determined and was performed using gentle mechanical scraping. EverGreene conservators used the information gleaned from the exposure to create a series of recommendations for uncovering and restoring the entire mural.