Cadillac Place

Detroit, MI

The former GM world Headquarters, now known as Cadillac Place, is a symbol of Detroit’s history as the industrial capital of the United States. The interior of this National Landmark features a stunning ceiling comprised of rows of hexagonal plaster ornament. In 2011 sections of the ceiling fell.

EverGreene was selected to cast new plaster elements, fortify the support system for the entire 30’ x 170’ ceiling, and decoratively paint replicated areas to seamlessly integrate them with the existing finish. To match new work with the old, EverGreene conducted forensic analysis of color samples in our laboratory and performed on-site testing. Colors, glazes, and custom techniques were created to give the ceiling the appearance of having been undisturbed since its 1923 unveiling. The project involved casting many different decorative pieces which had to be installed despite nearly no access to the top side of the ceiling.

All work was completed in the evening to minimize interference with Cadillac Place’s operations. By night the lobby was a construction site, by day it welcomed office workers and visitors to a clean, safe environment.