Centennial Hall

Dallas, TX

Centennial Hall in Dallas, Texas is the largest of the approximately thirty exhibition structures at Fair Park. The first building on the site, colloquially known as the Exposition Building, was constructed in 1905, with the remainder of the complex was developed between 1935 and 1936. These 30s structures were created preparation for the Texas Centennial Exposition, which celebrated the one-hundredth anniversary of Texas’ independence from Mexico. Architect George Dahl developed the unique “Texanic” style specifically for the exhibition, using it in the creation of several buildings for the exposition, including Centennial Hall.  Several Art-Deco artworks were incorporated into the building’s design and surroundings, including a pair of murals by Carlo Ciampaglia under each protico, a large sculptural representation of the Republic of Texas by Jose Martin, monumental sculptures by Pierre Bourdelle and Raoul Josset in front of each portico, and bas reliefs by Bourdelle. The Texas Centennial Exposition Buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1986. Centennial Hall continues to act as an exhibition venue, and is most known for hosting the annual State Fair of Texas.

EverGreene was retained the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, to consult for conservation treatment on the four Pierre Bourdelle bas-relief murals at Centennial Hall. The purpose of the evaluation was to visually assess the murals, discuss crack mitigation and eventual protection during upcoming construction being performed on the building.