Surveys & Condition Assessments

An essential component to the monitoring, treatment, or maintenance of an object or building is understanding the causes of deterioration. Linking the causes to the presenting conditions helps to direct proactive and effective treatments. For this, a survey or condition assessment identifies types of deterioration and areas of concern, extrapolates likely causes, and generates recommendations for conservation, restoration, or repair. Documenting these issues require both technical and practical skill sets to understand the mechanics of the problem as well as a broad material understanding.

Conditions are documented in a variety of formats, including photo-documentation, drawings, and searchable databases. Our conservators can carry-out assessments on a range of contexts and materials for artworks, monuments, and buildings. We actively research and employ new technologies in our documentation practices to ensure are approaches are up to date and functional for the client’s needs. This includes the use of 3-dimensional scanning, AutoCAD and Bluebeam drawings, high-resolution photography, along with other written surveys and reports.