Civic Theatre, Allentown

Allentown, PA

The Civic Theatre of Allentown is a venue for high-quality, local community productions. The theatre was built in 1928 and went through its first major renovation 90 years after the building originally opened. EverGreene was able to partake in this restoration project, partnering with Mills + Schnoering Architects out of Princeton, New Jersey.

The original Art Deco murals, decorative ornaments, and design features had suffered from water damage, failing plaster, and decades of layers of smoke and soot. Our artists and craftspeople carefully cleaned the surfaces, stabilized failing ornamental plaster, and repaired damage to arches and doorways. Many plaster elements had to be recreated and recast to completely reconstitute the original decor and beauty. The Art Deco murals were repaired and repainted. Additionally, the proscenium was done in trompe l’oeil.

A row of pastel blue and peach murals at the back of the theater had been a major focus. Shielded for years behind silk curtains, the murals had been in surprisingly good shape but required careful restoration. Below the murals, a row of carved plaster had been covered with air conditioning ductwork. During the restoration, the ductwork was removed, and the artwork exposed, bringing the entirety of the artwork back to its initial intent and beauty.