Industry City Walala Mural

Brooklyn, NY

The Industry City Walala mural was a fast track project completed in May 2018 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn in collaboration with London-based artist Camille Walala. The mural resides Building 1 on 2nd Avenue between 36th and 37th Streets on the back facade.

International design platform WantedDesign Brooklyn asked Camille to permanently reinvent a prominent 7-story building at Industry City as part of the Industry City Design Festival by WantedDesign + IC Open Studios May 17-21, 2018. The effort was completed in partnership with Oui Design, an initiative of the Cultural Services | French Embassy in the US and Foundation FACE. The paint was supplied by Peintures Ressource with the implementation support, design, and painting execution by EverGreene Architectural Arts.

The EverGreene team executed the design by creating master stencils for each varying window size that were taped into place and then traced in pencil providing the geometric outline to guide the painters, as well as converting and re-scaling from the original artist rendered concept.