Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall

Arlington, Virginia, and Washington, DC

Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall (Fort McNair and Fort Myer) is located at the juncture of Washington, DC and Arlington, Virginia at the edge of  the Arlington National Cemetery. EverGreene performed a condition survey of interior/exterior paint analysis and mortar analysis of the historic Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) and Commissioned Officer Housing on the base designed by the firm of Mckim Mead and White in the early 1900’s.

Condition survey and selective sampling were executed to assist AECOM with the development of appropriate repair procedures and materials. The housing units at Fort McNair and Fort Myer have deteriorated due to age, lack of proper maintenance, and inappropriate repairs. The goal of the project is to correct these issues but also to renovate the structures so that they are energy efficient and functional for tenants. EverGreene’s recommendations support AECOM’s larger goal of renovating the NCO and Commissioned Officer Quarters while retaining their historic integrity.