Latter-Day Saints Temple—Private

Philadelphia, PA

This was a newly-built temple, designed in the Georgian Federalist style to complement existing buildings and evoke Philadelphia circa 1776. We worked closely with the architect in pre-construction in the design-build approach to ensure “nothing was lost in the translation from the design intent to the execution.” Our team researched the specific plaster styles appropriate for Philidelphia, created prototypes, and established budgets.

After all the preparation, our team designed, sculpted, cast, and installed interior plaster ornament throughout the 61,000 square foot building. The ornament, including moldings, pediments, and swags is in the classical vocabulary, features local Pennsylvania flora, elements symbolic of American independence, and Latter-Day Saint symbolism.

Though construction only lasted about a year and a half, our process with the client lasted 3-4 years. This kind of involvement really allows us to execute our work to the highest standards, and minimize unforeseen conditions as construction moves forward.