U.S. Naval Academy—Private

Forestville, MD

We performed standard wet chemical mortar analysis of one (1) sample of historic mortar collected by others from the site. Approximately one cup of mortar has been collected, and that the mortar will be used as both the bedding and pointing mortar in the rebuilding of four eighteenth-century brick chimneys. Brick is assumed to be soft, handmade brick. Analysis will include:

Basic characterization of the mortar sample through microscopic examination of a freshly broken cross section under reflected light. Visual observations may be limited due to the fact that the mortar has been described to be in poor condition and highly disaggregated.

Following visual observation, mortar samples will be subjected to standard wet chemical testing (acid digestion, sieve analysis, binder color matching, and aggregate description). This testing is recommended to determine a replication mortar that will be both compatible with the existing masonry (strength, porosity) as well as appropriate in color and texture.

Preparation of two (2) replication mortar samples in aluminum channel to demonstrate potential appearance of recommended replication formula, approximately ¼” x ¼” x 4” long. Please note: mortar samples will be made with local sand, comparable to that which will be used in the actual rebuilding campaign, to be provided by others. If such sand is not available, samples will be made with materials already available in-house.

A brief report was prepared that interprets the results of the lab testing and provides mortar formula replication recommendations.