National Academy of Sciences Wood Doors

Washington, DC

We were contacted by the National Academy of Sciences to restore the west entry wood doors and bronze door surround and decorative hardware located on the National Mall in Washington, DC.

Prior to treatment, the doors exhibited conditions typical to that of wood doors in an outdoor environment. Typical conditions of the wood doors included; failed coatings, scratches/gauges, failed epoxies and composite wood fillers, substantial areas of loss, and a deformed panel. The bronze door surrounds and decorative hardware also showed signs of coating loss and corrosion.

Failed coatings were removed from the doors, scuffed areas were treated with various grits of sandpaper, and areas with failed epoxy fills were removed and prepared for in-fill with new compatible material. Composite wood filler was used to fill previous repairs and new fills. The filler was sanded down flush to the surface and stained to match the surrounding material. The deformed panel was glued and clamped closed. A new clear coating was applied to the entire door. The bronze hardware was stripped of any failed coatings, cleaned to remove corrosion/soiling, polished with abrasive pads, and coated with a clear coating.