St. Bartholomew - NDA Until...—Private

New Brunswick, NJ

“What we have is a church-nasium,” states Father Walsh as he describes the state of St. Bartholomew’s Parish. How the church looks and feels now, and how the parish hopes it will after the renewal was the first step of the design and planning process St. Bartholomew’s embarked upon with EverGreene’s Design Team.

Quality and a sense of timelessness were not hallmarks of the original construction or later renovations, but they will be notable features of the phased renewal slated to begin in 2021. Introducing marble liturgical furnishings and new predella (which is both handsome and ADA complaint, returning the choir to the choir loft and baptismal font to the narthex will give the altar visual primacy. The new sanctuary wall artwork is inspired by St. Bartholomew’s in Rome. Wrought Iron gates will provide security and a unifying aesthetic. traditional jewel toned stained glass will replaces blue panes in the windows. An ancillary space will be transformed into a day chapel dedicated to our lady of Guadalupe, inspired by California’s Spanish Missions.

The church of St. Bartholomew in New Brunswick, New Jersey kicked off the renewal of their church with a new painting of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, who has special importance to this congregation. Our artists designed the painting based on a favorite image of the church and the church celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadeloupe, with their new painting and used it as an opportunity to jump start fundraising for the work in the rest of the church.

We will self-perform design, planning, new murals, new ornamental plaster, and decorative painting, and will partner with other trades to update lighting, flooring, and create new wood, metal, and marble furnishings.