St. Peter's Catholic Church

Mansfield, OH

St. Peter’s Catholic Church is a large architecturally intricate Romanesque church. In 1944, the church commissioned artist John Bernat to paint a complex color scheme and elaborate murals inside. Sadly, a simplistic 1970 paint campaign and post-fire 1991 creme and gold paint campaign covered his artwork and instated decoration that existed discordantly with the architecture.

In 2018, the church commissioned EverGreene along with Henninger’s and The Schantz Organ Company for a restoration of the sanctuary, nave, transepts, and narthex. EverGreene investigated conditions, conserved John Bernat’s historic murals, and created new artwork including patterning, lettering, and decoration. EverGreene created new trompe l’oeil statue niches in the style of the existing altars and stencils to bring the Mary and Joseph altars into proportion with the architecture. To anchor the ceiling artwork and create contrast between the marble statuary and their backgrounds, EverGreene designed custom patterning in these areas. The spandrel decorations connect parishoners closer to the liturgy by drawing their eyes upward to the historic ceiling murals.

The renewal restored harmony to the interior and created a warm, celebratory worship environment that St. Peter’s community will treasure for years to come.