Lyric Theatre

Birmingham, AL

The Lyric Theater, built in 1914 in Birmingham, as part of B. F. Keith’s Vaudeville circuit, is one of the few theaters still existing today that was specifically constructed to maximize the acoustics needed for vaudeville shows.

EverGreene worked alongside Stewart Perry Construction, under the guide of Westlake Reed Leskosky Design, to completely renovate and restore the historic Lyric Theatre, aiding in the revival of downtown Birmingham’s arts district.

To restore historic plaster finishes, our craftspeople used extant ornament to create molds and cast new decoration. In some instances, new plaster ornament was created from scratch. Using archival images and remnants of existing decoration, artists sculpted new ornament in EverGreene’s New York plaster studio. Molds were made from the newly created decoration and sent to the Theatre where craftsmen cast and installed the ornament on-site. Decorative artists implemented a historically accurate color scheme in the Theatre and conservators cleaned, repaired and restored the 103-year-old mural above the proscenium.