St. Peter Church Featured In Henniger's Herald

EverGreene’s Emily Sottile, Director of Sacred Spaces co-authored a recent blog with Mark Cousineau, of Henniger’s Religious Goods.

St. Peter in Mansfield is a large, Romanesque church, in the heart of Ohio.  Its architecture lends itself to decoration, with vaulted ceilings, intricate capitals, and traditional entablature.  In 1944 St. Peter’s commissioned artist, John Bernat to paint the interior of the church.  His elaborate murals, and complex color scheme highlighted the church’s beauty.  Sadly, much of his work was overpainted in 1970, when liturgical trends called for simplicity, not decoration.  After a 1991 fire, the church was painted again, in a palette of cremes and gold. Click this link to read the entire article and view a few amazing before and after transformation images!

The project was completed as part of successful collaboration with EverGreene Architectural Arts, Henniger’s and Schantz Organ Company.