Humans Of EverGreene: Sunok Chun

Sunok Chun, Senior Designer & Decorative Painter

Hometown: Seoul, South Korea

Education: BFA in painting Sungshin University, MFA in painting Pratt Institute

Years working EverGreene: 20+

Sunok had just finished her master’s degree at Pratt and was contemplating returning to South Korea when she received an offer from EverGreene to work on paintings and stencils for the Montana State Capitol building. Almost 25 years later she is our resident color expert, having spent more than 10 years painting and analyzing colors in the mural studio. She worked in the design studio, creating color palettes and renderings of churches and theaters across the country.

When she’s not hard at work in the design studio (or watching Korean soap operas), Sunok created on her own paintings and drawings. Featured is an image of one of her abstract oil paintings.