Meet The Artist: Zinni Veshi

Zinni Veshi moved to New York from Albania in 1998 to attend the MFA program at the Pratt Institute of Art and Design. In his twelve years at EverGreene, Zinni has created new artwork for churches, state capitols and commercial spaces. His own paintings are dynamic and arresting; vibrant swaths of color move the eye from stroke to stroke around the canvas, unable to rest on one single form. Zinni’s dripping, abstracted human forms echo the gestural brushwork of the Abstract Expressionist movement.

The Wall exemplifies Zinni’s keen eye for line and rhythm as well as his affinity for the abstracted human form and vivacious color. From the artist:

“My paintings are created to express, articulate, and bring to life deep feelings, ideas or impulses that are fundamental to my existence. There are three factors that comprise the essence of my works: oil paint as a material; non-descriptive means of expression; and the non-representational use of the human figure.

The paint and the figure, and their interchanging relationships, create a pictorial, shallow, and haptic space that is governed only by the immanent laws of painting. Other factors that contribute in the formation of this space are the superimposition of the brushstrokes over brushstrokes, and shapes over shapes, the employment of the expanding/contracting quality of color, the movement of forces in and out of the picture plane, and the geometrical nature of the composition.”