EverGreene Artists At Home

How have you been coping with this time of uncertainty?  We are connecting as a company, learning about each EverGreener’s passion for art, and sharing in the comfort of creativity through our own versions of art therapy.  Our talented staff has contributed personal pieces from all across the nation to showcase how art can be a healing expression during times like these.

Since we spend a lot of time working on existing art, we are especially excited to share how we’ve been keeping our minds and hands busy over the past few weeks, with this gallery of our own personal work. Each piece expresses our collective passion for art and design, whether by exploring faith and spirituality, reflecting on beloved family members, or inspirational figures and icons. Click on an image in the gallery for a larger view, name of the artist and title of work. 

Want to create something of your own? You can be part of the EverGreene Artists at Home community. We’re sharing our EVERGREENE COLORING BOOK featuring some of our favorite historical projects. You can either print the pages, or download them for digital painting. We look forward to seeing your creative work!

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   Stay safe and stay creative!