Examining the Built World through Architectural Finishes

Hot off the presses this June!

We are proud to announce that EverGreener Brooke Russell was co-editor for the publication Examining the Built World through Architectural Finishes. She has served as an Architectural Finishes Research (AFR) Conference Committee Member since 2016.

The papers in this volume were presented at the 7th International AFR Conference held virtually in Tel Aviv in 2021. The works provide ample evidence of the importance of research into contemporary and historic finishes in expanding our comprehension of the built environment. The case studies cover a wide geographical area and examine various finishes including mural paintings in a Roman palace, a late 19th-century US penitentiary and a fire-damaged English church; tiles in 18th-century Portuguese interiors; the properties of latex paint; a linoleum-covered table; internal and external finishes of the houses of a Ukrainian settlement in Canada; building façades in Gdańsk; and the preservation of graffiti.

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