Meet Ansley Jensen—Decorative Artist & Plasterer

Ansley earned a Bachelor of Applied Sciences focusing on plasterwork from The American College of the Building Arts (ACBA). ACBA provides a unique four-year college experience, integrating professional training in the building arts with a broad-based liberal arts core curriculum. ACBA fosters preservation, enrichment, and understanding of the world’s architectural heritage. This combination of education, training, and access to highly experienced faculty is available nowhere else in the United States. Ansley welcomed the opportunity to share how her knowledge from ACBA has prepared her for real-world experience on the job at EverGreene.

What inspired you to pursue a career in preservation?
Getting into preservation was something that I fell into. Before attending ACBA, I was not 100% sure of my career path. I loved creating art and making things. I took a bunch of art classes growing up and even expanded into carpentry, stagecraft, and welding. At ACBA, I was inspired by historic buildings and the art of plaster. I realized that I enjoy learning about the history that comes with working on old buildings and figuring out ways to preserve and restore architecture and art.

How has your education at ACBA helped you navigate your projects with EverGreene?
ACBA has been a great stepping stone and introduction to the artisanal world of preservation. The program focuses on actual buildings, how they’re made and how they deteriorate. Contrary to a “normal university,” ACBA has a much more hands-on approach. During my studies with ACBA, I really came to appreciate historic buildings and what it takes to preserve them.

What is your favorite project or experience working in historic restoration?
My favorite projects have to be between working at the British Embassy in D.C. and on my current job, a theater in North Carolina. Through these projects, I’m gaining massive experience of fabricating and installing decorative ornamental plaster pieces and applying a finishing coat of decorative paint.

Thank you Ansley for sharing your experience!