My Career At EverGreene Architectural Arts

In July 2022, Mirta Vidal, Senior Conservation Technician, was selected to share her experience with the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP) to help educate about the different professions that make up the preservation community. She shares her experience as a Conservation Technician at EverGreene Architectural Arts, her professional background and career path, and what she values most about preserving cultural heritage in the Washington D.C. community.

“EverGreene is a company that specializes in the conservation of architectural elements, sculptures, murals, and works of art. Most of our projects involve historic buildings and sites, where we perform treatments following conservation best practices to extend its existence while maintaining the original features. I feel so proud to be working on iconic buildings, museums, and significant monuments throughout the D.C. area.” View Article >

Thank you, Mirta, for sharing your story and your ongoing dedication to preserving historic buildings, artifacts, and monuments for future generations!