24 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY

24 Fifth Avenue is a multi-story residential building that is a fixture in the Greenwich Village Historic District. Originally built as a hotel in 1929, with an ornate lobby in the Spanish Revival style, it was designed by Emery Roth, renowned for high-style apartment houses in New York. Restoration of the long-neglected lobby to its historic appearance was part of a major upgrade of circulation spaces throughout the building.

EverGreene was responsible for all finishes in the lobby, from floor to ceiling. The work extended over an eight-month period while the spaces were in active use, EverGreene coordinating closely with the Superintendent on logistics. Zipwall enclosure systems were set up in sequential work areas to leave an unobstructed passage corridor for occupants.

The scope of work included:

  • Historic finishes: Paint Sampling to confirm colors and materials; mock-ups to refine decorative scheme
  • Textured plaster walls: Patching of mechanical and electrical channels and water-damaged surfaces
  • Decorative painting with base color and glaze on walls, polychromy and glaze on ceiling; faux marble
  • Conservation cleaning and touch-ups of historic polychromed ceiling beams and concierge desk woodwork