Dating back to ancient Rome, scagliola is used to create elaborate imitations of marble and precious stones in architecture. It is a composite made from gypsum or selenite, binders, and pigments. Different hues are veined through the material, giving it a marble-like appearance. Alternatively, intricate patterns and designs can be carved from a scagliola slab, and filled in with other colors to create beautiful decorative elements.

Scagliola regained popularity during the Renaissance, and was used throughout the Baroque and Rococo eras. During these time periods, artisans also refined ways of making marble dust into pastes that sets firmly into precisely cut areas to create table tops, stone furniture, and artistic floor patterns. In modern architecture, scagliola is used in many sacred spaces, churches, capitol buildings, and courthouses.

Our many years of experience with scagliola design, fabrication, and restoration enabled us to refine this traditional technique with increased accuracy, quality, and durability. We design and implement scagliola projects, mostly directly on site, all over the country.

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