Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple

New Brunswick, NJ

Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple, the fourth Jewish congregation founded in New Jersey, was established in New Brunswick on October 11, 1859. The congregation, which was then named Congregation Anshe Emeth, began in a small storefront on Peace Street. In 1897, the congregation’s first synagogue was built on Albany Street. In 1930, a beautiful new synagogue, designed by local architect Alexander Merchant, was built on Livingston Avenue. By this time, the congregation had been renamed Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple “in honor of the Jewish dead of New Brunswick.” It’s renovation began in 2005.

Working closely with the Board of Directors, EverGreene Designers created a new decorative scheme for the temple that eliminated existing polychroming and better harmonized with present architectural elements, adding scale to the walls and dome interior. The final design included a warmer, more welcoming color palette, custom-made stencils and quoining along the side windows and central arches in the temple. Artists also fabricated ark doors comprised of a ¼” red oak face with a poplar stave core and cast bronze insert.