Preconstruction planning & design.

Our historic preservation experts help planning and design teams formulate solutions that are not only the most strategic, cost-effective, and least disruptive but also the most artistically pleasing and enduring. This specialized knowledge and unique perspective is often critical for a successful outcome for several reasons:

Cost and Time. Identify potential challenges, estimate costs more accurately, develop realistic project timelines, and minimizes the risk of unexpected delays or budget overruns during construction.

Modern Needs: Successfully implement accessibility features, technology infrastructure, and sustainable design practices while respecting the historical context.

Historical Integrity. Understand architectural styles, construction techniques, and materials used in different eras to protect historically significant features. Include forensic investigation and historic research in the initial stages of the project to maintain the overall historical character.

Preservation Guidelines. Comply with local, state, or federal preservation guidelines, regulations, and standards.

Collaboration. Foster a shared understanding of the project’s goals and collaboration towards a successful restoration. We collaborate with architects, contractors, designers, and artists to bring your vision to life.