Arlington National Cemetery Monuments

Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, VA

In 2015, we were selected by the U.S. Department of the Army to perform conservation treatment on 13 monuments at Arlington National Cemetery. The monuments treated included memorials to wars, special missions, and individuals. Materials included bronze, granite, brick, and mortar. Each monument was unique and required a treatment plan specially formulated by our conservators based on individual condition assessments.

Bronze elements had experienced weathering resulting in deterioration of protective lacquer or wax coatings and corrosion of the underlying bronze. Treatment of these elements included removal of remaining protective coatings and loose corrosion, patination, and application of hot and cold waxes.

Stone, brick, and mortar elements were cleaned of cupric staining, soiling, and bio-growth. Mortar analyses were conducted for each monument. Deteriorated mortar joints were then raked and repointed with a compatible, color-matched mortar.

A written plan for the continued maintenance of each monument was provided to the client to assist in the reduction of future deterioration and to increase the longevity of the conservation treatments.