Cast Iron & Bronze Urns

Colorado Springs, CO

We were contracted to perform an assessment and provide treatment recommendations for 10 cast iron and 2 bronze decorative garden urns on a private estate in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The urns probably date to the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

The urns had suffered from significant deterioration due to their outdoor exposure and failed coatings. Disfiguring corrosion covered all of the iron urns, and previous applications of paint had failed and were flaking. The two bronze urns had significant green, copper sulfate corrosion typical of an unmaintained copper alloy.

We assessed each urn individually and provided treatment recommendations for each. The proposed treatment for iron urns included removal and relocation to an off-site shop, cleaning, repairs, refinishing, and re-installation. The proposed treatment for the bronze urns included cleaning, re-patination, and re-coating. The recommended treatments will restore the appearance of the urns, and the protective finishes and coatings will protect them against future corrosion in their outdoor setting.