Civil War Monument

Delhi, NY

The Civil War Monument on Main Street in Delhi, New York was constructed in 1906. The monument is approximately 49-feet-tall, and consists of an allegorical figure of Peace atop a column with decorated capital and plinth. Four figures of the Union services; Infantry, Cavalry, Navy, and Artillery are set atop the plinth at the monument’s corners.

The sculptor is unknown but the carving of the figures and the overall quality of the workmanship of the monument is quite high. The plinth stands on a three-tiered stepped base and is 15-feet-square at its widest point. The materials consist of a carved Barre granite base, plinth and statuary, bronze plaques, iron mortars on bluestone slabs, iron historical sign, and an iron picket fence surrounding the monument.

The objective of this condition assessment was to document present monument conditions, make conservation recommendations, and provide a budgetary cost for the work. Of particular concern was the degree of lean of the monument column. It was recommended that a structural engineer assess the monument to determine whether immediate stabilization would be necessary. Other recommendations included restoring and replacing damaged stones, cleaning and repointing of the granite, corrosion conversion and coating of the mortars, and restoration of the fence.