Fort Belvoir Buildings Assessment

Fort Belvoir, VA

We were selected to produce contract drawings and specifications for the exterior rehabilitation of six historic buildings at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, an active army base. The five buildings were constructed between 1931 and 1950 in the Colonial Revival and Modern style. Two of the buildings originally served as barracks. One building was originally constructed as a recreational building, housing both a gymnasium and theater. Also included in the scope is an historic post office building, originally an engineering training facility, and a Modern-style 1950s theater building. The buildings are primarily brick masonry construction with concrete foundations and wood details.

The scope of work for the rehabilitation consists primarily of cleaning, masonry and concrete repair, wood repair, window repair and replacement, bronze conservation, repointing, gutter repair, and painting. All work will be consistent with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Rehabilitation. We performed detailed condition assessments of all exteriors, created contract drawings indicating the work to be performed by the General Contractor, and produced specifications for all exterior rehabilitation work. Specifications included product recommendations and detailed treatment recommendations for all historic and non-historic fabric.