West Point Grant Barracks

West Point, NY

Grant Barracks is part of the prestigious West Point Academy. It is named after General Ulysses S. Grant. The east side of the barracks is connected to Grant Hall, the former Cadet Mess Hall built in 1852 and used to feed the Corps of Cadets until 1923. The barracks were built in 1931 and are the oldest cadet barracks still in use.

EverGreene’s work at Grant Barracks began in 2019. Our team undertook decorative paint conservation of the concrete ceiling. Primary steps included a condition assessment, development of a treatment plan, and mockups. Our team then moved on to paint consolidation, inpainting at areas of loss, application of faux finishes to make the concrete ceiling appear to have wooden beams, and application of a final protective coating.

EverGreene conservators also restored the wood throughout Grant Barracks. The wood paneling and balustrade underwent an assessment, mockups, cleaning, touchups, and application of a compatible clear coat. A notable area of wood conservation is the wooden doors. After the doors were assessed, their hardware was removed and conserved separately. The exterior doors underwent stripping, repairs, and complete refinishing. The interior doors were cleaned and touched up.

Our team also conserved metalwork in Grant Barracks. Besides the door hardware, grilles throughout the building were removed, chemically stripped, repaired, and repainted. Bronze plaques from the vestibule were also cleaned and polished.