Holyoke Public Library

Holyoke, MA

Holyoke Public Library displays 11 murals which were painted by Sante Graziani and installed in 1950. The library demolished the walls on which four of the murals hung to construct an addition. EverGreene planned and implemented the removal, conservation and re-installation of the murals. Four murals had to be removed. Conservators dry cleaned and applied a protective varnish and facing to them. The canvases were removed mechanically, placed on sonotubes and stored until re-installation. The murals were then installed on the upper level of the new addition.

EverGreene removed facing, in-painted at seams and minor losses, stabilized paint, and varnished the relocated murals. EverGreene also performed in-situ conservation treatments on the other seven murals, including cleaning, cosmetic inpainting at water-damaged stains on the sensitive casein-based paint, and varnishing.