Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda

Frankfort, KY

EverGreene was commissioned to paint four new murals for the pendentives in the Kentucky State Capitol rotunda. Over just a six month period, EverGreene designed, painted, and then installed the four pendentives in time for the Capitol’s centennial celebration.

The four pendentives contain allegorical symbolism, historical iconography, and various symbols, landmarks, and representations of the state of Kentucky. Each pendentive has a trompe l’oeil bas relief at its base, depicting an element of Kentucky’s pre-western origins.

Specifically, the pendentives are designed to represent (1) “Nature,” which celebrates Kentucky’s agrarian foundations; (2) “Industry,” which underscores the strength and breadth of Kentucky’s commercial underpinnings; (3) “Culture,” which celebrates Kentucky’s social, educational, and musical contributions; and finally (4) “Civitas,” which speaks to Kentucky’s urban progress and the future of its citizens.  Each pendentive is bordered by a stencil design that incorporates Kentuckian iconography (such as the state flower, etc.) into its design.