Contemporary & New Design

Don’t have a design? We can create a unique piece to fit your needs.
EverGreene is often recognized for exceptional expertise in historic restoration and conservation projects. Our in-house Design Studio and Mural Studio designers and artists have the skills to realize a wide range of visions and styles. We have had the pleasure of creating original/contemporary/new designs for sacred, high-end residential,  theatres, commercial, casinos, and hotel clients across the country and around the world! We will work with you and your team through the various stages of design when creating and implementing original and contemporary artwork to suit your needs.

Traditional Trades + Modern Technology
It’s imperative for EverGreene to continuously advance the education of our team regularly. We embrace new technologies as they arise. EverGreene utilizes innovative tools and digital documentation systems such as photogrammetry and Lidar laser scanners for high-definition anamorphic 3D perspective, drones for external site assessments, and Panono 360 cameras for interior space documentation.

Our Design Studio utilizes in-house digital plotters for large-scale and oversized mural prototypes for printing repeat patterns working hand in hand with the artists in our Mural Studio. These modern technologies are complemented by further combining traditional hand drawings and sketches, unique mold-making visual effects, and when perfectly combined, propel EverGreene forward in the industry to achieve the best project results!

Our craftsmanship, design expertise, and understanding of both long-established trades and cutting-edge technologies to assist you with creating tomorrow’s historic venues, today! Reach out to learn more about how we may assist you on your next project.