New York State Appellate Court

New York, NY

The National Society of Mural Painters assisted architect James Brown Lord in designing the mural program for this Beaux Arts courthouse. All of the chosen artists were instructed that their compositions follow the designated general theme of “civic responsibility.”

The twenty-five separate mural panels in the courtroom and seven different friezes in the lobby were painted by the following artists: Henry Siddons Mowbray, Robert Reid, Charles Y. Turner, William Metcalf’s, Joseph Lauber, Kenyon Cox, G.W. Maynard, Edwin Howland Blashfield, E. Simmons, H. O. Walker. These muralists have all made significant contributions to the canon of American murals.

EverGreene conducted a mural conservation feasibility study and execution of recommended treatments. The project was commissioned in response to damage caused by changing environmental conditions. It was evident that the murals have been restored several times; the most recent campaign was in the 1980s when the courtroom and the lobby murals were cleaned. EverGreene additionally performed maintenance cleaning and treatments to the Courtroom and the Lobby murals in 2017.