Marble Consolidation at the U.S. Capitol North Wing—Private

Washington, DC, DC

The United States Capitol Senate (north) wing is undergoing a multi-phased restoration project focused on preserving the carved stone and decorative metal work on the exterior. We(we) was engaged to perform chemical consolidation of friable marble columns and pilaster capitals, modillions, rosettes, egg and dart molding, dentil molding, door pediments, brackets, door dentils, marble column shafts, and the pediment sculpture group. We have also performed laser cleaning on these same elements.

We established and maintained a rigorous quality control standard to ensure consistent adherence to the specified material application standards and environmental controls. Extreme care was taken to protect surrounding surfaces from contact with consolidation liquids. Consolidation liquids were applied under strict adherence to manufacturers guidelines and contract specifications. Procedures, date, time, temperature, and humidity were recorded hourly and a record maintained of all work on each element throughout the scope. Work was also documented photographically. After completion of the first phase in 2016 work will continue on Phase II after the inauguration in 2017.