Historic Amphitheater

University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

We were contracted by the University of Virginia to perform conservation treatment on the McIntire Amphitheatre located on the University of Virginia Grounds in Charlottesville, Virginia.

The McIntire Amphitheatre was designed by Fiske Kimball. Kimball was an architect, architectural historian and head of the Architectural School at the University. The amphitheatre was funded and named after local philanthropist, Paul Goodloe McIntire. The amphitheatre was completed in 1921 and was first used for the University’s centennial exercises attended by University alumnus and U. S. President Woodrow Wilson.

The amphitheatre was designed to resemble a Greek-style outdoor theatre with ascending seating that partially surrounds a semi-circular orchestra area that is bordered by a rectangular building.

In 2014, we were contracted to restore the amphitheater. Treatment included micro-abrasive and pressurized water cleaning of the concrete and cast stone elements, repointing, patching, crack injection, caulking, resetting select concrete elements, and the installation of three new cast stone balusters.