Union Square Metronome

New York, NY

The Metronome is a large public art installation located along the south end of Union Square in New York City.

EverGreene’s specialty finishes team re-gilded the bricks on the surface of the artwork after it had been cleaned. The cleaned bricks revealed the original outline or “ghost” of prior gold remains, providing our team with a guide to properly re-gild. The weather posed a significant challenge, as our gilders had to scale the side of the building to apply 23.75-carat double-thick gold leaf. The project began in the summer and resumed in the winter. Because the project was completed in different stages, blending the areas together was an unexpected challenge. Our team carefully approached the blending and succeeded in creating a cohesive appearance.

The large bronze hand protruding from the wall resembles the George Washington monument located across Union Square. Principal Conservator Mark Rabinowitz created the mold from the original Washington sculpture. He worked with Kristin Jones and Andrew Ginzel, the artists who created The Metronome in the 1990s. Mark and Kristin are both graduates of the Rhode Island School of Design Sculpture program and are Fellows of the American Academy in Rome.