Los Angeles Pantages Theatre

Los Angeles, CA

EverGreene completed a full restoration of this magnificent, 1930s art-deco style theater designed by B. Marcus Priteca. Over 45 EverGreene decorative painters and plasterers worked on site over a fast- track schedule of just six months, consuming nearly 31,000 worker hours.

The scope of the restoration included the restoration of historic plaster ceiling and walls – structural reattachment, framing, lath, 3-coat plaster, and ornamental plaster. EverGreene created a replication of the lost proscenium mural, based on archival photographs as well as the replication of lost lobby mural depicting angels, based on one of the existing pair.  Approximately 85,000 square-feet of metal leafing (gold, silver, copper and bronze) and glazing applied to the ornate ceiling, sculpture and grand lobby, and 1,800 gallons of paint for polychromy were used for the restoration and enhancement of the decorative painting scheme. EverGreene also replicated the lost proscenium mural based on archival photographs, and replicated a lost lobby mural based on the one existing mural remaining.

The theater reopened in September 2000, after over 300 workers repainted nearly every inch of the theater, restored its outer lobby and missing chandeliers, refurbished its walls and prepared it for the new century.