Intermission Is Finally Over!

Theaters around the country are opening this Fall, and just like you, we can’t wait to head back to our favorite theaters. Between iconic broadway houses opening in September, and national tours of classic shows resuming their treks across the nation, there’s so much to experience together again. 

At EverGreene, we’re not just enthusiastic patrons of the performing arts. Over the last 40+ years, our team has revitalized nearly 400 of America’s theaters, and understand adversity is nothing new for these spaces. We regularly witness communities banding together to keep their theaters alive, and we are honored to be part of so many stories where this happens. Our dedicated craftspeople and artisans are invested in the success of the many unique theater projects where we’ve collaborated with owners, architects, and consultants in order to ensure these beautiful historic spaces are once again being enjoyed by patrons just like you!

*Mask and vaccination policies vary throughout the country. Check with the venue before arriving to understand their protocols and expectations of patrons. If you’re interested in knowing more about policies around the country, see this excerpt from LHAT’s August 2021 Newsletter for more.

Now that intermission is over for many theaters nationwide, you might be wondering about the performing arts venues that aren’t able to open again. What happens to these spaces? Fortunately, these historic sites can still have a “second act” serving their communities through adaptive reuse. Renewed and repurposed history-rich spaces have the power to revive neighborhoods, attract new businesses, and initiate continued development in surrounding areas.

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