Park Avenue Armory - Board of Officers Room

New York, NY

EverGreene completed the interior conservation of the Board of Officers Room at the Park Avenue Armory. The Board of Officers is one of a series of four historic company rooms at the Park Avenue Armory where EverGreene has restored plaster and decorative paint. The Board of Officers Room was created by Herter Brothers, among the great design firms of the late-19th-century American Aesthetic Movement.

The restoration included overpaint removal from walls and ceilings of the original 1880s Herter Brothers Cuban mahogany and painted finishes design as well as plaster repairs and environmental testing. Conservators conducted a conditions assessment of the historic plaster and stabilized large areas in the room. Craftsmen patched lime plaster, consolidated specific regions from inside the ceiling and rebuilt run-in-place crown molding. Overpaint was removed from the walls and conservators inpainted areas of loss to return this room to its 19th century appearance. The project was reviewed by the State Historic Preservation Office of New York.