Luigi Persico Sculpture Replicas

Washington, DC

We conserved plaster copies of sculptures by Luigi Persico that were made for the east facade of the U.S. Capitol Building. The originals of “War” and “Peace” were carved between 1829-1834 and stood within niches on the east facade. In the 1950’s the marbles were found to be deteriorated when the sculptures were to be moved to the enlarged facade then under construction. Molds were taken and these plaster versions were cast to assist in the creation of replica carvings that are on the Capitol’s enlarged east facade. We removed these plasters from their exhibition site within the Cannon Office Building, restored them while the Cannon Building was closed for restoration.

After treatment the works were crated and transported to the U.S. Capitol for re-installation at the site where the originals once stood. Now the vestibule of the Rotunda of the US Capitol, “Peace” and “War” were hoisted with a crane into the main entrance and installed in niches in the Aquia Creek sandstone wall that was once the east face of the building.