Preserving Our Nation's Capitols

EverGreene has restored 38 U.S. Capitols.

The 50 United States capitols were built over 150 years. Their architecture represents a broad spectrum of techniques, styles, materials, and artistic finishes, influenced by diverse cultures and traditions. Forty-four capitols are listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and nineteen of those are further designated as National Historic Landmarks, reinforcing the importance of preserving these historic structures for generations to come.

The 1988 New Jersey Capitol historic restoration was our first state capitol project. We re-gilded the exterior, restored the plaster cove and trompe l’oeil murals on the interior of the primary dome. We also performed wood, metal, and plaster conservation, historic paint refinishing, and scagliola restoration. Since this project, we’ve worked on at least one state capitol every year. Starting in 2000, EverGreene and Conservation Solutions worked on a multi-phased restoration campaign of the Kansas State Capitol an award-winning, cross-discipline collaboration. This laid the foundation for EverGreene’s eventual acquisition of Conservation Solutions in 2018. Most recently, our conservators, artists, and craftspeople helped to complete the multi-year restoration of the U.S. Capitol, specifically performing an interior finishes study, and the restoration of the dome, murals, hall of columns, and north wing.

New technologies have dramatically improved the effectiveness and longevity of restoration and conservation treatments. Two examples include the use of lasers to provide a more gentle approach to stone cleaning, specifically for facades, sculptures and monuments, and the use of drones for difficult-to-reach areas, during surveys and condition assessments.

  • 10 states refer to their government seats as statehouse or legislative hall instead of capitol
  • The oldest capitol is the Maryland State House, built in 1797
  • Florida’s capitol is the youngest, built in 1977
  • Eleven state capitols don’t have a dome
  • Louisiana has the tallest capitol (450 ft)
  • New Mexico the shortest (35 ft)
  • New York built the most expensive capitol (originally $25,000,000 in 1899)
  • New Hampshire the cheapest (originally $82,000 in 1818)
  • Alaska has the largest number of state employees (245), Indiana the smallest (46)